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Cinos Achieves InfoComm International Sapphire CAVSP Level Designation

We are proud to announce that as of May 22nd, 2014 Cinos has qualified as an InfoComm International Sapphire Certified Audiovisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP). This designation recognises that a percentage of the company’s sales, customer service and technical staff have achieved and maintained individual InfoComm Certification.

InfoComm International Sapphire Certified Audiovisual Solutions Provider

“A CAVSP designation gives AV companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, InfoComm International’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. “Customers of audiovisual communications and presentation systems can be confident of professionalism and an aspiration to excellence when working with these companies that have invested in education and training to stay current on the latest AV technologies and techniques.”

The company-level CAVSP recognition program is the only such program available for the commercial audiovisual industry. In addition to confirming that a percentage of the company’s employees are InfoComm certified and have completed important coursework, the Sapphire CAVSP designation means that Cinos has agreed to comply with 10 Standards of Excellence developed in collaboration with industry experts to emphasise the best practices of audiovisual businesses, and has completed an Audiovisual Systems Performance Checklist for one AV Installation.

The Standards of Excellence are a guidepost for audiovisual companies and professionals who place the customer first and offer quality audiovisual solutions. They include the commitment to provide complete customer satisfaction with audiovisual solutions that provide value to the client. They convey the importance that audiovisual solutions providers place on their own skills development through continuing education. They also cover the critical role that audiovisual professionals play as partners with IT specialists, architects, building managers and others.

I am delighted that our on-going investment in staff training and accreditations has been recognised by InfoComm. As a Sapphire CASVP we will continue to invest in staff training and development; allowing us to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and support.
Karl Deady

Director, Cinos

About Cinos

We are a leading system integrator specialising in the delivery and maintenance of intelligent video solutions and services to a global marketplace.

Founded in 2007 we have established a reputation for delivering the highest levels of quality, service and support. Our continued expansion with regional offices in Europe, North America and Asia allows us to deliver the same high standards globally that we have built our reputation on.

About Infocomm International

InfoComm International is the industry leader in certification for AV communications professionals. InfoComm’s Certified Technology Specialist and Certified Technology Specialist – Installation are the only audiovisual certification programs accredited by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) United States representative, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Also recognized by the U.S. National Certification Commission and accepted by the U.S. Veterans Administration for reimbursement under the Montgomery G.I. Bill, InfoComm certification programs are designed to establish and maintain widespread credibility for the audiovisual industry and the professionals who perform the work. The company-level CAVSP designation recognizes professionalism and expertise achieved through professional development, training, and commitment to the certification of employees.

AV Solutions Provider Standards of Excellence

These 10 standards of excellence were developed in collaboration with industry experts to emphasize the best practices of AV businesses. The AV Solutions Provider (AVSP) adheres to the following standards:

  1. Complete Solutions — The AV Solutions Provider (AVSP) works to provide a comprehensive AV system that meets the client’s communications needs.
  2. Informed Advice — The AVSP pursues a collaborative relationship with the client to understand the needs and recommend solutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  3. Best Value — The AVSP seeks to give the client the best possible value and return on investment.
  4. On-Going Technical Support — The AVSP provides on-going support for the AV system through warranty and maintenance programs to ensure the system’s usability and the client’s satisfaction.
  5. Systems Compatibility — The AVSP designs or provides a seamless operational interface for components used in a rental environment or permanent installation to create a stable and viable system.
  6. Scalability — The AVSP designs and integrates AV systems that promote ease-of-use, long-term cost-effectiveness and upgradeability.
  7. Clear Scope of Work — The AVSP specifies in the proposal and quotation all the necessary components and services required to create the AV system and clearly calls out and discusses any exceptions.
  8. Appropriate Documentation — The AVSP provides appropriate and complete documentation of the system as specified in the vendor’s proposal and quotation or the consultant’s specification.
  9. Expert Technical Staff — AVSP staff are in programs to become industry certified, to maintain their certification and to keep current on new developments in AV technology.
  10. Training Support — The AVSP is a source of professional training services to help the client become proficient in using AV technologies and systems and to advance their communications goals

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