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Clevertouch Pro Series

Clevertouch Pro Series

Not Just any Touch Screen

Clevertouch Pro Series - AV News Winner 2019

Clevertouch Pro Series - InAVation Awards Winner 2019

Clevertouch Pro Series - AV News Winner 2019 Clevertouch Pro Series - InAVation Awards Winner 2019

Streamlined, agile collaboration for the modern workplace

Collaborating effectively in the modern workplace is crucial for organisations today. Technology in business is nothing new but the ability to connect, share and collaborate in real-time, regardless of device or location is becoming an everyday requirement. Organisations need agile solutions which remove technology frustrations and enable employees, suppliers and partners to work together fluidly.

Enter the Clevertouch Pro Series; a multi-award-winning range of interactive touchscreens which will transform your organisation by enabling stronger communications, connectivity and collaboration. The Pro Series range is available in three flavours and come with the most comprehensive warranty available today. 

Furthermore, with a less that 1% failure rate on 18.5k displays in 2018, they are the most reliable touch screens on the market.

But this range is more than just a series of touch screens. What you can’t see on the surface is the innovative, feature-rich technology that sets Clevertouch apart from other solutions on the market. So, before we look at the individual models, lets see how the Clevertouch software offers everything an organisation needs for agile and fluid collaboration and communications.

The Clevertouch LUX inteface gives you a better experience than ever before.

Quicker. Simpler. Smoother.

With just one touch you can do anything you need to. From opening an app to connecting your laptop, it has never been easier to keep moving and keep the room engaged.

The Pro Series interface has been specifically designed for greater end user adoption by eliminating the time it takes to use complicated meeting room technology. The LUX interface provides easy access to apps, security features, customisable favourites and display settings to make every meeting and presentation task simple. We have highlighted some of the main benefits below but please refer to the datasheets for more detailed information.

Get in Touch

Clevertouch LUX Expereience

Clevertouch - Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

The Pro Series offers quick and easy access to cloud-based applications such as Skype for Business, Slack, Zoom, Mosaic and Google Hangouts. The range is designed to be agnostic and flexible, so you can use your existing VC solutions and software. The slot-in Windows PC enables you to load existing apps and software from your network to collaborate securely across the globe with the same features as your colleagues.

Clevertouch - Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Clevertouch’s MDM system enables full administrator control of all touch screens from a single computer. Run diagnostics, shutdown and adjust settings from one location – a welcome feature for your IT department.