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Nowadays organisations of all sizes rely on a range of technologies to improve their competitive advantage. From fully immersive Video Conferencing solutions to content delivery systems, the installation and integration of numerous technologies allow organisations to improve their overall operational effectiveness.

As a leading system integrator, Cinos specialise in the delivery and maintenance of intelligent video solutions and services to a global market place. Our highly skilled and accredited project management, engineering and design teams have extensive experience in deploying Video Conferencing and Audio Visual solutions worldwide.

Whether we are installing a single projector unit, a command and control centre or fully immersive Video Conferencing solutions, we always adhere to the same strict project management methodology from design and installation right through to commissioning and client handover.

For more information on the solutions we provide please click the links below or contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual solutions are used in all organisations for a variety of reasons. Digital signage has a range of uses from advertising to company-wide communication. Meetings become more effective with control systems in place. User friendly interfaces allow you to control lighting, blinds and meeting content such as presentations and even video conferencing systems.

Cinos have extensive experience in deploying Audio Visual solutions for organisations in both the public and private sector. We will identify the most effective solution based on your needs; taking into account your budget and maintenance requirements.
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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing has become an essential tool for organisations who want to communicate more effectively. Whether it’s communicating with clients, employees or partners, video conferencing allows companies to reduce travel costs, increase productivity and reduce their carbon footprint.

Cinos are perfectly placed to deliver Video Conferencing to your organisation. From individual desktop units to fully immersive telepresence suites, we work with the main providers to advise and deploy solutions tailored to your business requirements.
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Command & Control

Command & Control centres are traditionally used for organisations who need to monitor multiple video and data feeds simultaneously. These systems are an integral component for operations in organisations such as the emergency services, airports and oil and gas facilities.

Cinos have a proven track record of designing and integrating Command & Control solutions based on an organisations’ requirements. Our highly skilled and accredited team will provide and maintain a solution that is reliable and intuitive, allowing you to focus on your objectives without being distracted by technology challenges.
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Corporate security is a vital consideration for any company; large or small. However, over time there has been a significant change in the way organisations manage their security setup. Advancements in technology have provided organisations with the opportunity to utilise more effective and sophisticated security systems, designed to cope with more complex requirements.

Cinos have extensive experience in providing security solutions for organisations of all sizes. From simple CCTV installations to fully integrated digital video recording systems, we provide bespoke security solutions based on your unique requirements.
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Effective communication is of vital importance in today’s business world – whether that is an SME with one head office or a multinational organisation with numerous locations across the globe. Having the correct communications services in place allows organisations to focus on the business in hand rather than being frustrated with technology challenges.

Our vision is to be the leading trusted partner for the delivery of infrastructure, communications, unified communications and collaboration services to the UK public sector and UK enterprise. Working with the leading vendors allows us to identify, design and tailor solutions to your unique requirements.
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Cinos Platinum Maintenance


As global organisations come to rely more and more on Video Conferencing and Audio Visual technologies the demands on the IT community to deliver a fully functional on demand service increases.

We understand that maintaining and supporting a geographically dispersed VC/AV network is crucial to many organisations. Whilst a single source maintenance contract is required, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to achieve. Our multi-tiered approach can help to identify how best to leverage your technology investment whilst managing internal expectations.
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Cinos Audit+

Audit +

We recognise that Video Conferencing and Audio Visual estates are often difficult to manage and maintain. Whist room based systems are often well documented and maintained, the smaller portable solutions tend to suffer from a lack of ownership.

Our Audit + service allows our qualified project management team and certified engineers to establish an accurate picture of your estate, considering both your current and future requirements. From in-depth site surveys and health-checks to network discovery exercises, we have the experience to assist you wherever and whenever you need us.
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