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Our client, a public sector organisation, contacted Cinos to discuss a technology refresh of their head office conferencing facilities. With ageing technology in place, this organisation was looking to completely overhaul existing systems, replacing them with a state-of-the-art collaboration solution.

Having formed a strategic alliance with Cyviz, Cinos were keen to demonstrate how their superior visual collaboration technology would be the perfect fit for the organisation’s new-look conferencing facilities.

The installation of the Cyviz F103 and associated technology has significantly enhanced the collaborative capabilities of our public sector client.
Steve Franklin

Director, Cinos

The Requirement

Delivering first class collaboration capabilities into the main conference room was the central focus of this project. The area would be used for high level meetings, presentations and remote site-to-site conferences and so our client wanted to ensure the most advanced, future-proof technology was available.

‘Ease of use’ was a key consideration when evaluating technology options. Our client required that any user could walk into the room and intuitively operate the system; whether that is sharing content on the main room canvas or initiating a video call with multiple remote teams. In addition, we had to ensure a range of powerful collaboration tools were available; and that these tools could be seamlessly operated whether hosting an internal meeting, video conferencing session or a combination of both.

With a sophisticated collaboration solution in place, the conference room would no doubt be in high demand. To cater for this eventuality an intelligent room booking system was required to avoid scenarios such as double bookings and interrupted meetings.

To ensure the solution would meet our clients’ aspirations, Cinos entered a consultation period where both parties jointly evaluated the various technology options available. After in-depth discussions across a range of suitable technologies, Cinos were commissioned to deliver a high-end conferencing and presentation environment, centring around ‘The Cyviz Experience’.

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The Solution

Cinos deployed a range of control, display and video conferencing technologies in our clients’ new conference room. The technology chosen was based around the simplicity of use, the power of collaboration and the ability to easily connect with remote teams.

Cyviz F103 Collaboration & Meeting Room System

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