Audio Visual Solutions


Cinos Audio Visual design teams develop solutions that take the complexities out of technology. We build systems that are easy to use and allow you to focus on the business at hand without being distracted by the technology challenges.

Cinos Audio Visual solutions are easy to manage because we design systems with technically robust and graphically consistent control interfaces that let you manage them wherever you are. Remote monitoring, control capabilities and proactive servicing such as remote diagnostics and reporting, give you centralised access to the status of your Audio Visual system at the touch of a button.

Audio Visual Services

Content Delivery Solutions

AV Content Delivery

Delivering content across the organisation is a fundamental requirement for most businesses. We recognise that the content needs to be delivered quickly and correctly, to that end we will work with your chosen network specialists to ensure whatever transport mechanism you choose be it LAN, WAN or mobile your content is safe, secure and reliable.

Recognising that content can have differing degrees of certification we will use government vetted employees where required to interface with your security teams ensuring that the highest levels of security and integrity are applied across your Audio Visual network.


Control Systems

Today’s presentation environments utilise multiple types of Audio Visual and environmental technologies e.g. projectors, LED displays, Blu-ray players, laptops, video conferencing, lighting and air conditioning. Each of these technologies will have their own proprietary method of control meaning running a presentation can be an overly complicated affair. Utilising a centralised room control system, a simple button press on your iPad or touchscreen device will start the presentation, dim the lights, close the blinds and even start a video conference call.


Digital Signage

Digital signage displays information, advertising and other forms of communication using the medium of electronic display e.g. LED/LCD screens, projection systems including touch screen technology and kiosk units. Easy to use management software allows control over content and scheduling, facilitating the presentation of digital signage throughout a facility or campus. Added value functionality of the software such as power on/off scheduling allows organisations to save time, energy and money.



Distributing live and recorded TV is regarded by all industries as a method of highly effective communication. IPTV is designed to distribute television and video throughout a building over a dedicated or existing local area network (LAN). It leverages the comparatively limitless bandwidth of organisational LANs to deliver much higher quality to many more users. It allows much more stringent access control – not just by channel, but by business unit, department, group, or even individual user.


Interactive Solutions

In business, interactive technologies can improve collaboration, whether in the same room or remotely. They can ensure easier access to files, data and information, all leading to greater efficiency, more effective meetings and productivity, achieving more in less time and for less money. Interactive solutions include interactive whiteboards, touchscreen LCD displays and ultra short throw projectors. Regardless of the purpose of the meeting, presentation or collaboration session interactive solutions will help make the work day more productive and drive business.

Audio Visual Case Studies

Cinos enhance collaboration for rg+p with Crestron Mercury

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Cinos enhance collaboration for rg+p with Crestron Mercury rg+p formed in 1979 and have since established themselves as one of the largest and most successful multidisciplinary architectural design, project management and quantity surveying practices [...]

Crestron technology suite reduces costs and enhances operations for global organisation

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Crestron technology suite reduces costs and enhances operations for global organisation As a leading manufacturer with offices and production plants across the globe, our client is always looking for technology to improve their processes, [...]

Cinos take collaboration to the next level with ‘The Cyviz Experience’

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Cinos take collaboration to the next level with ‘The Cyviz Experience’ Our client, a public sector organisation, contacted Cinos to discuss a technology refresh of their head office conferencing facilities. With ageing technology in [...]

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