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About Clevertouch – Interactive Screens & more

Over the last 10 years Clevertouch have grown to become the market leading brand for touch technology with their multi-award-winning touchscreens boasting an impressive 25% market share in interactive flat panel displays. Clevertouch offer the most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty available and with a less that 1% failure rate on 18.5k displays in 2018, they are the most reliable touch screens on the market.

The Clevertouch displays are available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 86” and are ideal for both education and business requirements. The Plus Series has been specifically designed for the demanding needs of the modern classroom; enabling educators to deliver more engaging lessons with ad-free applications and software designed to meet curriculum requirements.

Clevertouch Pro for Business

For business users, the Pro Series bring team collaboration to the next level; enabling stronger communications, connectivity and collaboration using interactive technology. Use any device to share content on screen with the ability to annotate and distribute meeting notes with ease. Enjoy crisp 4K resolution, 20-points of touch with cutting-edge security and management features which enable the displays to run on or off the network.

Ensuring we have the best collaboration solutions available for our clients meant bringing the Clevertouch range of products into our portfolio was essential. Their interactive displays have been a real hit with our clients including multidisciplinary architectural design company rg+p. Until their office move, rg+p had primarily collaborated using flip charts and notepads. The introduction of the Pro Series Clevertouch displays has significantly enhanced their collaboration capabilities; enabling teams to work simultaneously on architectural designs and schematics.

Clevertouch - A Decade of Innovation

So, if you are looking to add interactivity to your organisation and are considering Clevertouch please get in touch with our team. Our extensive experience of Clevertouch products ensures we are perfectly placed to discuss your requirements.

Clevertouch 4K Resolution

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