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Samsung Flip 2
The Future of Collaboration

The meeting is one of the key foundations of today’s business world. Teams come together to collaborate on projects, plan strategies and engage with external stakeholders. However, arranging a meeting comes with its own problems; from finding an available room with the right equipment to ensuring everyone’s ideas are shared and considered. It’s easy for game-changing ideas to get lost in the process.


Introducing the Samsung Flip 2 – an interactive digital flipchart which makes booking a meeting room a thing of the past. The Flip’s ergonomic design and impressive feature set enable teams to collaborate anywhere in the office; removing the headaches and hassles so often associated with arranging a meeting. Thanks to the Flip’s moveable stand you can organise team meetings wherever suits and with features such as content sharing, onscreen collaboration, device synchronisation and post-meeting recaps, your teams can collaborate instantly and more effectively than ever before.