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Barco UniSee – Ultra HD Video Wall

A video wall you’ll have to see to believe!

A video wall you’ll have to see to believe!

Today video walls are used in a whole host of environments. They offer the ultimate way for businesses to engage with their audiences.

Whether that’s advertising in retail spaces, delivering messages in broadcast studios or providing information in public areas such as airports and train stations.

Video walls for boardrooms, retail, control rooms and more

We are seeing more and more video walls installed in corporate environments to bring a real ‘wow’ factor to reception and lobby areas, as well as in customer experience centres where the latest innovations are showcased in the most visually appealing way. Corporate boardrooms and conference areas are also utilising video walls and in doing so, are enabling top management to discuss the big issues in the most effective way.

And then there are control rooms where video walls are in operation 24/7, displaying mission-critical information for operators to analyse and react to in real-time.

Each environment has its own requirements. From the best possible picture in retail spaces to ensuring 24/7 operation in control environments.

With so many considerations and possible video wall choices how can you be sure you have picked the right solution for your specific application?

Simple. Pick Barco UniSee.

UniSee is a video wall like no other. Barco have completely redesigned and optimised every component of the LCD video wall, resulting in a new way to look at large screen visualisation.

Ultra-HD LCD Gaplesss Video Wall

Barco UniSee is one system comprised of three key building blocks – UniSee View, UniSee Mount and UniSee Connect. Together, these systems are redefining the future of LCD video walls by ensuring the highest possible image quality, a faster installation, easier servicing and a higher reliability.

They make UniSee the perfect LCD video wall platform for a multitude of applications including control rooms, retail stores, reception areas, experience centres and many more.

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UniSee View

An uninterrupted LCD viewing experience

Unlike traditional video walls, UniSee delivers an uninterrupted visual experience thanks to Barco’s virtually seamless NoGap technology. With no bezel, you can distribute content across multiple panels without visual information loss and what’s more, Barco’s Sense X automatic calibration system ensures the entire wall displays a perfectly balanced image at every moment.

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UniSee Mount

Self-aligned by the power of gravity

To ensure that all panels in the UniSee video wall are perfectly aligned, Barco have created the UniSee Mount; a revolutionary mounting structure that guarantees the smallest possible gap without damaging the panel’s edges. Using the power of gravity, the UniSee Mount keeps the panels perfectly aligned in both landscape and portrait to deliver an uninterrupted viewing experience across multiple screens.

And the advantages don’t stop there. With fewer connection points and the ability to position cabling neatly insider the guiders, installation is much easier and can be completed much quicker. Once installed, servicing is not a problem. A simple wrench can quickly move adjacent screens making all panels easily accessible from the front.

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UniSee Connect

Bright investments never fade

Typically, video walls are part of a business-critical application and so Barco have taken all possible measures to ensure optimal uptime. As such, UniSee Connect, a software platform created by Barco manages the entire video wall. As well as automatically assigning and calibrating the panels, UniSee Connect acts a single point of connection for remote diagnostics and control.

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