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The rapid and sustained growth of Cinos has, in part, been attributed to our proven track record of delivering dependable and intuitive command and control solutions across the public and private sectors for clients such as Police Services, Scottish Gas Networks and British Airways.

Twenty years of experience provides Cyviz with robust command and control solutions ideal for use in the secure, mission critical environments that fit perfectly within our client portfolio. The strategic partnership between Cyviz and Cinos further strengthens our ability to deliver solutions that provide exceptional quality and functionality to a traditionally demanding and critical environment.

The premium display wall solutions from Cyviz provide a crystal clear, seamless and high resolution canvas for accurate analysis and sharing of critical and secure information. The intuitive user interface allows users to work with any number of sources simultaneously; enabling them to analyse data quickly, securely and in the collaborative manner so often critical in command and control environments.

Cyviz not only provide an exceptional command and control solution, their high end, integrated technology provides businesses with a sophisticated way to collaborate. Through utilising high definition video conferencing and the ability to share an extraordinary amount of data, the collaborative telepresence solutions from Cyviz allow users to connect and collaborate with stakeholders across the globe, significantly improving the way companies conduct their business.

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