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Don’t miss out on our GP IT event – register now for free.

Today, Primary Care organisations are facing many challenges to improve the quality of health and social care, with IT services being an area that is particularly in the spotlight.

Don’t miss out on our GP IT event – register now for free.

* Cinos Communicaitons Services (CCS) is now ‘Cinos Limited’ as of 1st August 2019.

There is a need for IT services to improve quality of care; not only to enhance the patients’ experience of services but so each practice can realise efficiency benefits such as a reduced administrative burden. This in turn has created a demand to continuously develop IT functionality which responds to the evolving needs of patients, underpins integration across care pathways whilst delivering economic savings at scale and provides a secure space for innovation and care.

GP practices have led the way in the move from paper to digital record-keeping and are now well on the way to offering video consultations, online appointment bookings and repeat prescriptions, across all practices. But there are many barriers towards fully adopting a digital environment.

Where can you turn to get the right direction to meet these challenges? What benefits can be realised through the application of technology in your practice? How do you know what is the right digital technology?

Join IT Leads, Providers, NHS England, NHS Digital, Cinos Communications Services & UKCloud Health on July the 11th to get the answers and critical updates on HSCN, Public Wi-Fi, Security and much more.

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