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Cisco Webex Room 55

Cisco Webex Room 55 from Cinos

Fully integrated collaboration system for small to medium meeting rooms

Bring more intelligence and usability to your meeting rooms with the Cisco Webex Room 55. This sophisticated solution delivers video conferencing straight out of the box; transforming any room into a video-enabled collaboration hub.

The Cisco Webex Room 55 offers an unmatched video and audio experience, combined with a cutting-edge, Red-Dot awarded design to create a compelling team collaboration system. It includes a 55inch 4K display, camera, codec, speaker system and microphones, all integrated into one device. Encased in a beautifully designed frame, the Cisco Webex Room 55 brings a greater level of sophistication, intelligence and usability to your small and medium sized meeting rooms.

Using the Cisco Webex Room Kit as its base technology, the Webex Room 55 offers new capabilities including speaker tracking, wireless presentations, best overview, automatic wake-up and people count to deliver smarter meetings, presentations and device integrations. It is ideal for rooms that seat up to seven people and has been priced and designed to be easily scalable to all your meeting rooms and spaces.

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Specifications at a Glance

Webex Room 55
Overview Fully integrated telepresence system for a small or medium-sized meeting room.
Registration On-premises or Cisco Webex.
Audio Powerful fulltone and bass speakers optimised for voice.
Screen Professional grade 55″ 4K LED LCD display.
Camera Speaker tracking camera with 2.6x zoom for rooms up to 6 metres / 20 feet.
Connectivity 2x HDMI input, 1x HDMI output, built-in Cisco Intelligent Proximity wireless sharing.
Control Touch10 control panel with One Button to Push (OBTP) simple meeting joining.
Dimensions 62.7 x 49 x 30.5 inches (Based on floor stand configuration).
Downloads Webex Room 55 Datasheet

Key Features

Award-winning design

  • Light, sophisticated industrial design is recipient of 2017 Red Dot award for innovation in design

  • Camera innovation: Powerful 5K UltraHD camera and wide-angle lens cover everyone in the room

  • Sound innovation

  • Stereo speakers with dedicated centre speaker for optimal voice pick-up

  • Built-in amplifier to deliver rich sound

  • Speakers above screen for more equal room coverage

  • Screen innovation: 4K professional-grade screen

  • Design innovation

  • Fabric front for natural and inviting feel

  • Aluminium frame for lightness in design and sustainability

  • Increased height over previous generation to accommodate taller tables (10 cm/4 inches taller than MX300)

  • Highly reliable as components and software are designed to work together

  • Designed to minimise latency and echo

Smart presentations

  • Supports dual screens for video and content

  • Supports dual content sources for local meetings

  • View white board content and annotations shared from Cisco Webex Board, Cisco Webex DX80, or Cisco Webex Teams app; participate in white boarding sessions through Cisco Webex Teams app

  • 4K content sharing (local 30 fps; remote 5 fps)

  • Wired or wireless content sharing (only two wires required – power and HDMI)

Smart meetings

  • Brings intelligent views to smaller rooms with discreet, integrated camera

  • Supports dual screens for video and content

  • Wired or wireless content sharing (only two wires required – power and HDMI)

  • Great audio experience with integrated microphones, speakers, and amplifier; supports room elegance with no wires or microphones on the table

  • Automatic noise suppression reduces disruptive sounds coming from the meeting room (e.g., typing, paper rustling)

  • Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button to Push (OBTP) for scheduled devices in a Cisco Webex Meetings or Webex Teams meetings, whether registered on-prem or to Cisco Webex

  • Automatic wake-up: System “wakes up” when someone walks into the room and suggests activities for fast and easy meeting start

  • Easily controlled by the Cisco Touch 10 control unit (Touch 10) or with a Cisco Proximity or the Cisco Webex Teams app

  • End-to-end security

Smart rooms

  • Metrics: Counts people in the room, enabling analytics for better resource planning

  • Supports Wi-Fi

  • In-room control: Controls peripherals such as lights and blinds through the Touch 10

Built for cloud and premises

  • Flexibility to register on-premises or to the cloud through Cisco Webex

  • Hardware is optimised to run on a cloud platform for great experiences in shared rooms and spaces, with easy access to hosted conferences