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Cisco Webex Room Kit

Powerful tools
for every team room

The Cisco Webex Room Kit and Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus are powerful collaboration solutions which bring more intelligence and usability into your small to large-sized meeting rooms. Designed to integrate with your flat panel displays, the Cisco Webex Room Kits deliver an unmatched video and audio experience boasting sophisticated camera technologies with speaker-tracking capabilities.

The Cisco Webex Room Kits offer two solutions designed to cater for any size meeting room:

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Includes camera, codec, speakers and microphones integrated into a single device and ideal for rooms that seat up to 7 people.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

Includes a separate quad-camera-bar which can accommodate larger and deeper rooms that seat up to 14 people.

Cisco Webex Room Kit
– Highlights

Powerful collaboration solutions
Integrate seamlessly with your flat panel displays to Cisco Webex enable your small to large-sized meeting rooms.

Smart meetings 
Integrated cameras deliver intelligent viewing capabilities such as automatic framing and speaker tracking.

Smart presentations 
Enjoy great presentations with wireless sharing, dual screens, dual content sharing and up to 4K resolutions.

Smart integrations 
Counts people in the room enabling analytics for better resource planning. Control peripherals such as lights and blinds through the Cisco TelePresence Touch 10.

Built for both on-premises and cloud deployment, protecting your investment.

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Cisco Webex Room Kit – Specifications at a glance

Webex Room Kit Webex Room Kit Plus
Description All-in-one device Codec plus separate quad-camera bar
Ideal Environment For rooms that seat up to 7 people For larger and deeper rooms of up to 14 people
Datasheets Webex Room Kit Datasheet Webex Room Kit Plus Datasheet
Overview Cisco Webex DX Series Overview

Key Features

Design features

  • Brings intelligent views to medium to large-sized rooms with discreet, integrated cameras

  • Best overview: Automatically detects meeting participants and provides ideal framing

  • Speaker tracking: Detects and switches between active speakers and provides ideal framing

  • Great audio experience with integrated microphones and speakers

  • Automatic wake-up: System “wakes up” when someone walks into the room, and recognizes them through their mobile device

  • Easily controlled by the Cisco TelePresence® Touch 10 or with a Cisco Webex app-enabled device

  • End-to-end security

Built for cloud and premises

  • Flexibility to register on the premises or to the cloud through Cisco Webex

  • Hardware is optimised to run on a cloud platform, for great experiences in shared rooms and spaces with easy access to hosted conferences

Smart presentations

  • Supports dual screens for video and content

  • Supports dual content sources for local meetings

  • 4K content sharing (local 30 fps; remote 5 fps)

  • Wired or wireless content sharing (only two wires required – power and HDMI)

Smart integrations

  • Metrics: Counts people in the room, enabling analytics for better resource planning

  • Automatic screen/display integration for ease of use and richer screen functionality

  • Supports Wi-Fi

  • In-room control of peripherals such as lights and blinds through the Cisco TelePresence Touch 10