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In 2008 Caterpillar opened its Visitor & Training Centre in Desford, Leicestershire. The Centre is designed to give visitors a first-hand experience into the world of Caterpillar; introducing their wide range of solutions and product line up. The Centre also provides the Caterpillar dealer network with solution and product based training.

To effectively demonstrate their products and provide training for their customers, Caterpillar have utilised a range of audio visual technologies across the Centre. It is therefore essential that these systems are operating as desired and at peak efficiency. To ensure this was the case, Cinos were approached to conduct and Audit+ Survey of the Visitor & Training Centre.

Audit+ Overview

The Audit+ service from Cinos is designed to present organisations with an accurate picture of their technology estate. Through providing a detailed breakdown of the existing architecture, Cinos are able to advise how current systems are performing and provide recommendations based on future requirements.

Once a detailed understanding of an organisations expectations has been established Cinos undertake a comprehensive site audit to ascertain how the systems are currently performing. Based on the findings and with a clear understanding of current and future requirements, Cinos are able to advise how the existing technology could be better distributed and/or condensed to deliver the functionality required.

Where possible Cinos will undertake system improvements whilst performing the audit and supply additional proposals for any areas which require a greater degree of attention.

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