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Prysm Visual Workplace upgraded at ISE 2017

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In Hall 11 of the Amsterdam RAI we met up with Tony Ingles on the Prysm stand to see the latest developments in their impressive collaboration product; the Prysm Visual Workplace.

Prysm Visual Workplace

The Prysm Visual Workplace is a visual, immersive, cloud collaboration tool which empowers team across the globe to work smarter, be more productive and achieve their objectives quicker. This integrated software and hardware system combines an array of apps with content, video and the web to create a powerful all-in-one intuitive interface to drive collaboration and data visualisation.

One of the major ISE announcements regarding the Prysm Visual Workplace is that is now available on third-party displays. Historically, this solution was only available with the Prysm displays but the move to incorporate it with third party displays is a win-win for everyone involved. The end user can now leverage the power of Prysm with their existing investments in display technology.

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Tony demonstrated some other features of the Prysm Visual Workspace including the new Quick Start welcome screen. With this new capability, users can walk up to the screen and have instant access to three key features; sketch, connect device and sign in. The Prysm Sketchboard lets you quickly get an idea down in digital format, connecting a device allows you to share content easily and for full functionality users can sign in to access existing projects and workspaces.

In addition to the Quick Start welcome screen, users can enjoy some new features including Live Source Streaming. This new capability allows users to share content from their devices (whether they are wired or wirelessly paired with Prysm) with remote participants. When you need to restrict this sharing to your local team a simple share on/off toggle ensures your content can remain private.

Cinos already have extensive experience in deploying Prysm into our client’s facilities and have seen first-hand the collaboration advantages this solution brings. If you would like to learn more, or have a requirement you would like to discuss, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

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