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In April 2014 Cinos completed an Audit+ Survey of the Caterpillar Visitor & Training Centre in Desford, Leicestershire. The Centre utilises a range of audio visual technologies which allow Caterpillar to demonstrate their latest products, train their customers and rent out the meeting areas to third party businesses.

The Audit+ Survey from Cinos provided Caterpillar with an in-depth understanding of their technology estate. Whilst various improvements were made during the survey, Cinos produced further recommendations on how certain areas within the Centre could be upgraded, making them more effective for staff, customers and third party businesses.

Within 10 minutes of your team leaving site I had 150 clients enter the facility for a showcase event, the solution worked like a dream and didn’t miss a beat, thank you so much
Centre Manager, Caterpillar

The Requirement

Following the Audit+ Survey and in conjunction with the Facilities Management Team at Caterpillar, a number of observations were noted and recommendations made to deliver service improvements to the Centre’s demonstration and conferencing facilities. These facilities contain two main areas; the VIP meeting room and a multifunctional presentation area.

The multifunctional presentation area consists of two meetings rooms and a café. These rooms utilise moveable partition walls to provide a larger space for demonstrations, customer training and third party business meetings. Cinos worked closely with Caterpillar to analyse the usage profile of each area; identifying the individual meeting room requirements and discussing the optimal performance criteria for the various room scenarios.

It became apparent that the needs of the facility’s staff and visiting customers had evolved since the original conception of the Centre. Whilst the moveable partition walls delivered a larger area for group presentations, the technology did not adapt to the various scenarios. Meeting participants would struggle to hear presenters as the audio remained contained to each individual area. The absence of repeater screens and video switching technology meant content could not be shared into each room; making it difficult for participants to properly engage in meetings.

In addition, Cinos identified areas for improvement in the VIP meeting room; an area predominately used for internal meetings and presentations. Cinos noted that connections to the projector are analogue based and so do not provide high definition video quality. In addition these connections are not easily accessible; causing issues for staff who want to share content and collaborate in an effective manner.

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