Project Description

Intelligent conferencing solution for a manufacturing client located in Indiana

Our client is a leading manufacturer with offices and manufacturing plants spread across the globe. This internationally renowned company has an on-going need for integrated technology solutions, catered for specific requirements.

In 2012 our client relocated their North American Headquarters to a new site in Indiana, United States. As well as housing a number of small huddle spaces and general purpose meeting rooms, the new office boasted a sophisticated conference centre. Spread across eight rooms, this area consisted of four collaboration spaces, one boardroom and three large conference areas separated by moveable partition walls.

As well as providing video conferencing and display technology for the huddle spaces and meeting rooms, Cinos were commissioned to design, integrate and deliver a sophisticated audio visual system, versatile enough to handle a variety of meetings, presentations and conferences.

The Requirement

The project focused on delivering a first class conferencing and presentation solution for a suite of eight rooms within the conference centre. High quality audio conferencing and the ability to share content to any or all rooms within the suite was paramount to the success of the project.

Each room was required to operate both independently or as part of the wider system. To maximise the effectiveness and capacity of the conference centre, Cinos had to ensure that the rooms could be linked in any configuration required. This capability would allow audio, video and content to be distributed from one room to another; catering for larger collaborative sessions.

To enable the users to operate a system with so many variables and with this level of sophistication, a simple and intuitive user interface was essential.

Intelligent Conferencing System Case Study

“Our client can now enjoy an exceptional collaboration experience throughout their conference centre. Having an on-site support agreement in place ensures these systems will continue to run at peak efficiency and allows staff to enjoy a whole host of benefits from this intelligent conferencing solution.”
Nathan Spencer - Account Manager

The Solution

Cinos provided an easy to use, intuitive and future proof system utilising collaboration and control products from leading technology manufacturers. The solution spanned across a suite of eight rooms. Seven of these rooms have full audio conferencing capability with Polycom’s high definition video conferencing available in one of the collaboration spaces.

Whilst each room can be used independently, our client can utilise a range of room configurations based on specific meeting requirements. In this situation any room can act as a master room with the ability to share audio, video and presentations to any or all of rooms in the suite.

To ensure a seamless transition between the room configurations Cinos utilised the AMX Enova DGX 16 Enclosure – an industry leading multi-format digital media switcher. Sitting at the heart of the system, the Enova DGX has been designed to adapt to a range scenarios; ensuring all of our clients’ meeting and presentation requirements are catered for.

Polycom SoundStructure’s installed in each room provides high definition audio conferencing. When paired with the RevoLabs Executive HD wireless microphones this solution delivers exceptional audio quality; allowing numerous microphones to be placed anywhere in the room for optimal audio coverage. Whether presenting or contributing, participants can share their content at ease via the laptop connections installed in the central floor plates and presentation lecterns.

To cater for the control and automation needs of each room Cinos deployed a number of products from the AMX technology suite. Central to each room system is the Enova DVX-3155HD. This all-in-one presentation switcher provides in-room video distribution via the MVP-9000i Touch Panel. The elegantly crafted user interface not only allows participants to control their room technology, but with a few simple commands they can distribute audio, video and presentation content to any other room. This functionality, combined with a consistent client-brand design, ensures the familiarity of the system is retained whilst enhancing collaboration and speeding up the decision making process.

For staff and external parties who require video conferencing, Cinos installed the Polycom HDX 8000 Series video conferencing system in one of the collaboration spaces. From the room touch panel participants can initiate a video conferencing call and share content on any of the four room screens. In addition the incoming video feed and presentation content can be broadcast to any other room in the conference centre.

Three of the eight rooms are divided by moveable partition walls to cater for larger group sessions and allowing all participants to be in the same room. Depending on number of participants our client can combine two or three conference areas into one self-contained collaboration area.

To cater for these larger collaborative sessions the Enova DGX is programmed to adapt the technology as a dual or triple room system. In either scenario this large conference area is controlled by one central touch panel with the ability to display any input onto any projector.

In addition to the core solution Cinos also deployed a range of displays in the reception, gym and open office areas. The gym display allows staff to enjoy Freeview television whilst working out with the remaining displays showcasing corporate messages and company information.

The Benefits

Multi-functional areas enhance collaboration

  • Our client has the ability to configure the rooms based on their specific requirements. This functionality provides more a more effective way of managing the areas; catering for a range of meeting room scenarios.
  • At maximum capacity, one room can act as the master room; broadcasting audio and video to the remaining seven rooms. However the rooms can be linked in any configuration required; enabling multiple meetings to take place simultaneously with several master rooms broadcasting audio and video to their respective rooms configured within the system.
  • The three divisible conference areas can be used for larger meetings where participants need to be in the same room. With the technology seamlessly adapting to each scenario meeting participants can focus on their objectives rather than being distracted by the technology challenges.

First-class conferencing capabilities

  • Cinos have delivered an exceptional audio conferencing experience across the conference centre. Pairing the Polycom SoundStructure with the RevoLabs Executive HD wireless microphones provides an unrivalled level of audio quality and allows participants to get on with the business at hand.
  • Video conferencing from Polycom is available in one of the collaboration spaces; allowing remote teams to be bought together to collaborate visually on projects via this superior telepresence solution.

Ease of use

  • Users have control of technology with the AMX MVP 9000i Touch Panel in place in each area. Pre-set configurations allow users to easily control the projector, projector screen, room lights, Blu-ray player and the Polycom audio conferencing. When required users can push their content to other rooms with a few simple commands.
  • Through providing a consistent, client branded touch panel design, Cinos have ensured the familiarity of the system is retained regardless of a users’ location on site.

Maintenance agreement reinforces client confidence

  • The Gold level maintenance and support agreement, coupled with a Cinos on-site technician gives our client the confidence that their audio visual and video conferencing systems will continue to run at peak efficiency. By having a trusted partner in this area the continued adoption of smarter working patterns is easily achieved.

The Technology

AMX Partner Page

AMX Enova® DGX 16 Enclosure

The AMX Enova DGX16-ENC functions as the centrepiece of the conference centre deployment. This digital media switcher includes an integrated NetLinx Control Processor and is designed to adapt to a range of room configurations as well as distributing audio, video and presentation content across all areas and adjusting the technology to respond to the divisible conference room scenarios.

Downlaod the AMX Enova® DGX 16 Enclosure-A Datasheet here

AMX Enova® DVX-3155HD

The AMX Enova DVX-3155HD is an ideal all-in-one presentation switcher and sits at the heart of each room system. In each room the DVX-3155HD provides local control of the projector, projector screen, room lights, Blu-ray player and Polycom audio conferencing. The DVX-3155 also allows switching of all laptop connections located in both the centre of the floor and presentation lectern.

Download the AMX Enova DVX-3155HD Datasheet here

AMX MVP-9000i Touch Panel

Meeting participants have control at their fingertips with the MVP-9000i in place in each room. This elegantly crafted touch panel offers both wireless and wired functionality, switching seamlessly between modes when removed from its docking station. The simple interface allows the user to control the individual room, or the whole system from a central location.

Download the AMX MVP-9000i Touch Panel Datahseet here


Polycom® HDX® 8000 Series

To cater for our clients’ video conferencing requirements Cinos installed the Polycom HDX 8000 series in one of the rooms. This intuitive system makes collaborating visually with any number of contacts as easy as making a phone call. From the room touch panel users can display the video conferencing feed on one of the four room displays. In addition the video and presentation feeds can be pushed to any room in the conference centre; allowing multiple parties to collaborate simultaneously.

Download the Polycom® HDX® 8000 Series Datasheet here

Polycom® SoundStructure SR12

Delivering audio conferencing in each room was achieved by deploying Polycom’s SoundStructure’s across the conference centre. For rooms that do not require video conferencing capabilities SoundStructure provides an excellent alternative; delivering HD quality audio over an analogue line and enabling first-class audio in every room. From the room touch panel meeting participants can deliver an extended audio conference to any room in the conference centre.

Download the Polycom® SoundStructure SR12 Datasheet here


RevoLabs Executive HD™ wireless microphones

To further enhance the user experience Cinos deployed the RevoLabs Executive HD wireless microphones in each area. These onmi directional microphones deliver exceptional audio quality; allowing our client to position them anywhere in the room for the best possible audio coverage.

The product’s wireless design not only provides users with the freedom of natural movement, but eliminates the clutter of cables delivering and clean and professional look and feel.

Download the Revolabs Executive HD Series Datasheet here