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Audit+ Site Survey leads to Audio Visual Upgrade for Caterpillar

Managing Audio Visual estates can often be a complex and challenging task. The likes of IT and Facilities Managers have to ascertain where Audio Visual equipment should be used; ensuring the technology is fit for purpose and flexible enough to meet future requirements.

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For companies who are looking to upgrade their Audio Visual estate it can be beneficial to have a partner in place who can provide expert advice, taking into account the current situation, future requirements and potential budget limitations.

For situations like these, Cinos offer a professional Audit+ Site Survey, a service which Caterpillar recently employed at their Visitor & Training Centre in Desford, Leicestershire. The Centre is designed to give visitors a first-hand experience into the world of Caterpillar; introducing their wide range of solutions and product line up.

To effectively demonstrate their products and provide training for their customers, Caterpillar have utilised a range of Audio Visual technologies across the centre. It is therefore essential that these systems are operating as desired and at peak efficiency.

The Audit+ Survey from Cinos provided Caterpillar with an in-depth understanding of their technology estate; delivering key insights on how current systems are performing as well as making various improvements where possible. In addition, Cinos were able to submit further proposals on how these systems could be more effective; taking into account the current and future requirements of the Centre.

As a result of performing the Audit+ Survey, Cinos were invited to undertake an Audio Visual project to upgrade the initial areas reported on. These upgrades required the Audio Visual technology to adapt to the various demonstration and conferencing room layouts as well as improving the user experience in the VIP meeting room.

Caterpillar Audit+ Case Study

With Caterpillar seeing the need for the Audit+ Survey, Cinos were able to provide the most cost-effective option for their Audio Visual upgrade. With a clear understanding of the current technology estate and Caterpillar’s future requirements, Cinos provided a range of options that utilised, where possible, the significant investment in technology already made by Caterpillar.

Within 10 minutes of your team leaving site I had 150 clients enter the facility for a showcase event, the solution worked like a dream and didn’t miss a beat, thank you so much
Centre Manager, Caterpillar

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