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In 2012 our client announced the construction of its new, advanced, multi-million pound manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom. The facility would span across 20,000 sq m and employ over 400 people.

The Requirement

The client required provision of audio visual systems across two key areas of the facility; the manufacturing plant and the facility’s office areas.

Operators in the manufacturing plant required that production and machine efficiency data be available throughout the production areas. Once in place, this solution would allow staff to collaborate using real-time data; whether that is highlighting a specific issue or preparing for the next stage of the production process. The Production Manager would require central control of the system; with the ability to show content on any display from any one of the plant’s computers.

The office area contains a number of meeting areas. Our client requested that content sharing and collaboration capabilities were available in each meeting room. Furthermore, to communicate with external parties across the globe, a fully integrated video conferencing solution was required.

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Cinos have delivered first class collaborative capabilities based on the unique requirements of each area. By utilising the latest display, control and collaboration technologies we have provided a solution which significantly aids the production process and enhances the meeting room experience.
Steve Franklin

Director, Cinos

The Solution

After working closely with our client, Cinos installed and integrated a range of audio visual technologies designed to aid the production process and provide collaborative capabilities throughout the facility.

Manufacturing Plant

To ensure the production data could be shared quickly and effectively, over 20 displays were installed throughout the manufacturing plants’ production areas and associated meeting rooms. Within the plant, the displays were deployed in a range of configurations based on the requirements of each production area, from single 84” displays to a number of video walls in varying configurations. To adhere to our client’s policies for production areas, the displays were mounted at high level and suspended from roof girders using a bespoke mounting solution; ensuring the production floor was clear of hazards whilst providing an effective means for staff to collaborate on product data, schematics and designs.

From the maintenance office, the operator has full control of production displays and computers. The video matrix and displays are controlled via an AMX Modero Touch Panel with the computers controlled from a keyboard video and mouse switch. Our AMX ACE programmers designed the panel to allow easy distribution of production information. With a few simple commands the operator can connect to each plant computer to send content to any display; whether that is the associated meeting rooms for further analysis or to another plant display in preparation for the next stage of production. This functionality also enables the operator to connect to each computer to run diagnostics, amend information and update software.

Office Areas

Within the office areas Cinos were commissioned to deliver collaborative solutions for multiple meeting areas and the communal office spaces.

Wireless presentation functionality is available in all meeting areas thanks to the ClickShare solution from Barco. At the touch of the button participants can share content on the room display or projector from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Laptop connections have also been installed in each room; allowing users to connect directly to the room display technology.

To further add to our clients’ collaborative capabilities, four meeting rooms utilise Epson interactive projectors. These projectors make any presentation surface interactive and the built in annotation tools allow staff to share, mark up, save and distribute content such as technical drawings, product data and videos.

To ensure staff could connect with colleagues in other offices around the world, Cinos provided the Polycom HDX 8000 Series video conferencing solution in the main boardroom. From the AMX touch panel staff have full control of the video conferencing system, allowing them to initiate a call and display the feed on one of two 55” displays. On the second display, or via the Epson interactive projector, staff can work on shared content with ease thanks to the inclusion of the Barco ClickShare system.

The auditorium is positioned next to the main boardroom and hosts two Epson interactive projectors, Barco ClickShare and an AMX control system. For larger group collaboration sessions, partition walls are removed so both the auditorium and boardroom act as a single space with full video conferencing and presentation capabilities. In this scenario the boardroom touch panel acts as the master user interface; controlling all the technology and allowing staff to share the video conferencing feed and related content on any screen or projector in the combined area.

In addition to the core solution Cinos also deployed a range of displays in the reception, gym and open office areas. The gym display allows staff to enjoy Freeview television whilst working out with the remaining displays showcasing corporate messages and company information.

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The Benefits

Streamlined Collaboration

Cinos have provided exceptional collaborative capabilities for both the manufacturing plant and office areas:

  • Staff can share content from any computer to any display in the manufacturing plant. This is ideal for collaborating on technical issues or in preparation for the next stage of production.

  • Each meeting room hosts technology designed for collaboration. Barco ClickShare delivers wireless content sharing capabilities for staff with laptops, smartphones or tablet devices. The Epson interactive projectors allow staff to annotate and distribute content such as product data, designs and schematics – significantly increasing team productivity.

  • Connecting with remote teams and offices across the globe is easily achieved thanks to the video conferencing solution from Polycom. With a few simple commands staff can initiate a video conference call and enjoy HD communication on projects with multiple stakeholders.

Ease of Use

Cinos have provided a consistent, client branded touch panel design with ease of use in mind.

  • The manufacturing plant touch panel allows staff to quickly access any computer in the production areas. By selecting the area and associated computer the operator can share content or run machine diagnostics – all from a central location.

  • The video conferencing touch panel caters for both single and dual room mode. When the boardroom is conjoined with the auditorium