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When it comes to delivering smart solutions, DHL has made its name mastering logistical challenges. However, when they wanted help to sell enhanced performance solutions to their high-profile clients, they turned to the combined skills and expertise of Samsung and Cinos.

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The Requirement

From heavy lifting to sharper thinking

DHL is traditionally a resource-heavy business; it relies on having people, warehouses and trucks on the ground and planes in the air, to physically transport packages and materials from one place to another.

However, DHL wanted to enhance its position with clients and become their lead logistical partner. This means that they had to present themselves as thinkers rather than doers. They had to demonstrate the capability of instigating and managing change across their clients’ entire supply chain—helping them to meet changing business and customer demands.

The team at DHL’s Centre of Excellence in Tamworth turned to Cinos to help them deliver more professional presentations by first identifying the tools that would enable them to have more in-depth, strategic conversations with their clients.

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The Solution

Samsung LED Video Wall

The team didn’t just want to engage with clients in the confines of a meeting room using a monitor and a projector. They wanted to create a space that was both innovative and impressive; one which would be a focal point in their offices, where they could display rich content that would bring their expertise to life, but also create a space where they could begin to build deeper relationships with clients.

The solution was to position an LED Wall, measuring 2.8m x 1.6m in an open plan meeting space, turning their sales area into the virtual hub of their Centre of Excellence. The size, clarity and richness of the display meant that people, particularly visitors, were able to enjoy the content from across the office and close-up. It delivered a premium experience as it offered the same high-quality display normally seen in high-end department stores that focus on delivering more immersive customer experiences.

The Wall is powered by an S Box media player and a Barco ClickShare unit, which together ensure complete versatility and agility. It broadcasts a consistent stream of content to the high volume of traffic that passes through the space. Plus, at the click of a button, it can deliver a high-quality meeting room experience—enabling the Sales Team to present wirelessly and at optimal resolution from their laptops.

The benefit of the LED Wall’s continuous display over a multi-screen solution is that the sales team were able to present detailed content such as spreadsheets without the risk of any data being lost.

The Benefits

As a result of installing the Samsung LED Wall, the DHL team have enjoyed more productive meetings with potential blue chip clients. They have also benefitted from having a new hub; a space where staff from all different departments can come together, to share news and information to support DHL’s internal and external marketing.

A solution like this is not one you can pick from a brochure. By collaborating with Cinos and Samsung, we were able to find the right technology that will deliver benefits to the business over the short and long term.
Regional IT Manager, DHL

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With more businesses turning to LED signage for an enhanced customer experience, Samsung’s fine pixel pitch IF Series displays offer an ideal combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability. To learn more about the Samsung LED Wall and associated products please follow the links above or get in touch with our team.