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Barco ClickShare CSE-200

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Barco ClickShare CSE-200 | Cinos

CSE-200 – Wireless presentation system for small to medium sized meeting rooms

ClickShare is Barco’s wireless presentation system which has revolutionised the meeting room experience. With a click of a button, users can share content on the room display from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For small and medium-sized meeting rooms the CSE-200 is the perfect presentation solution. This model comes packed enterprise grade features including enhanced security options and a wider range of connectivity choices such as AirPlay and central management.

Barco ClickShare CSE-200

£1,490(ex. VAT)
  • For small and medium-sized meeting rooms
  • Enhanced security features
  • Central management

Public Sector Discount

Up To 10% Off
  • If you are in the public sector and looking to add wireless presentation capabilities to your organisation now is the time to get in touch.

CSE-200: Free Trial

4 Week Trial
  • For a limited time only, Barco are giving users more reasons to ‘tap into amazing’ by offering a free 4-week trial of the ClickShare CSE-200.

Collaboration Made Easy

ClickShare gets all meeting participants actively engaged by giving everyone the opportunity to be on screen. This enhances collaboration, and leads to better and faster decision-making. With ClickShare your meetings will never be the same again!


Connect the Button to the USB-port of your PC or MAC, push the button, and share!


iPad, iPhone or Android users can share by using the ClickShare app

Video and Audio

Play video at 30 fps, with sound through the meeting room’s AV system

Extended Desktop

Show different content on the central screen and on your laptop using Extended Desktop

No Installation

ClickShare is a zero footprint application, leaving no soft-ware on the client PC or MAC

Wireless Fidelity

Using both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band guarantees a great wireless connection at all time

Why Choose Cinos?

As a Barco Gold Partner, Cinos are perfectly placed to assist your business. Our status ensures we have the optimum level of product expertise and the best possible pricing for Barco ClickShare. So, if you want to add wireless presentation capabilities to your organisation and are considering ClickShare, please get in touch, our team would be happy to help.

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