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At shows like InfoComm there is sometimes a moment when you stop in your tracks due a genuinely outstanding piece of technology. This was certainly the case when we passed the Sony stand and saw the Sony Crystal LED Display System on show. We were invited onto the stand to learn more.


Sony Crystal LED Display System (CLEDIS)

As the main attraction on stand, Sony’s scalable 8K x 4K Crystal LED Display System (CLEDIS) stood at an impressive 32-foot x 18-foot configuration consisting of 288 units. Sony were showing some remarkable content on the display and one of our guys said that the clarity and the motion were the best they had ever seen.

Any size of canvas can be created with the Sony ZRD-1 modules. Each of these energy efficient modules comes with a revolutionary borderless design meaning they can be ‘tiled’ seamlessly to virtually any dimensions or aspect ratio. Furthermore, the ultrafine but powerful LEDs result in a canvas area that is over 99% black with a contrast of more than 1,000,000:1 – far beyond the reach of conventional LEDs.

Attendees could see the full picture regardless of where they were standing with the CLEDIS offering a viewing angle of 180 degrees. Combined with the breath taking quality and unlimited scalability the Sony CLEDIS is ideal for a range of environments from industrial design and manufacturing to theme parks, museums and even corporate boardrooms and broadcast studios. For our clients who are reviewing their display technology, this is a solution we will certainly be offering as an option.

Sony Crystal LED Display System

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Sony Sonic Surf VR

A further highlight on the Sony stand came in the form of Sonic Surf VR; a spatial audio technology which combines specially developed software with new multi-channel speakers to create an interactive and immersive audio experience. Demonstrated on stand, Sony set up the speakers above three LED panels. In this case Sony used different languages as an example; showcasing that as you moved into each area you could only hear the language focussed in your area, without audio overlapping from the other areas. The demonstration impressed all visits who saw it as an ideal solution for museums, theme parks, exhibitions and corporate showrooms.

There is no doubt that Sony bought the ‘wow’ factor to InfoComm 18 with their Crystal LED Display System. If this, or any other product mentioned in this article is of interest, please get in touch with our team who would be happy to help.