Today’s meeting rooms are a valuable asset for many organisations. With the right technology in place, they offer more than just an area to meet and discuss, they are a place where teams come together to solve problems and get work done. With the dependency and strategic importance of meeting rooms rapidly increasing, so does the need for a solution which manages these rooms to avoid scenarios such as double bookings and meeting room confusion.

Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Panel

Our client, a leading manufacturer, experienced the need for such a solution when looking to standardise systems at their UK IT Centre. The IT Centre seats over 230 people and is comprised of meeting rooms, employee workstations, conference rooms and informal breakout areas. With the meeting rooms in high demand, our client required a room scheduling system that would remove common meeting room problems such as such as double bookings and regular interruptions.

Crestron meeting room solutions

To accommodate this requirement, the Crestron room scheduling solution was installed across the IT Centre. Outside each meeting room Cinos installed a stylish wall mounted TSS-752 7inch touch screen, allowing anyone to check room availability and if free, book the room. For employees at their desk or at home with meetings to book, integration with the email system enables them to check room availability book spaces and even cancel meetings from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The room scheduling solution from Crestron was complete with the addition of multi-colour SSW LED beacons, mounted at high level outside each meeting space. The two-sided acrylic sign face glows bright green or red, allowing anyone to see meeting room availability at a glance from the corridor. Furthermore, the sign face was custom engraved with the meeting space designation, eliminating any confusion over which room meetings were taking place.

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Crestron Room Scheduling Touch Panel

Crestron Room Scheduling Case Study

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