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Enjoy HD wireless presentations with Crestron AirMedia

Crestron’s AirMedia solution is designed to allow anyone to walk into a meeting room and wirelessly connect to any display to present and share content with ease. It reduces meeting setup time and increases team productivity. To discover more about AirMedia features and benefits please read on, or alternatively get in touch with our team who would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Features and Specifications

Present wirelessly from your laptop, PC or smartphone

Share content easily from a wide range of devices wirelessly. No software installation is required for laptop or Mac users; just use your web browser and follow the instructions on the meeting room display. If you are on a smartphone or tablet, download the free app for iOS or Android and share content via AirMedia instantly. Without the need to connect with a wire to share content you can enjoy a clutter free collaboration session.

Quad view and multi-user collaboration

The need for multiple participants to share different content is a frequent occurrence in meetings. The quad view mode in AirMedia allows four independent images to be displayed simultaneously on screen; allowing users to compare different data without needing to toggle back and forth. Furthermore, with the ability to connect up to 32 participants at once, AirMedia gives everyone the chance to be on screen.

Moderator Mode

In classrooms or staff training sessions, moderator mode gives full control of the presentation to the instructor. With up to 32 participants connected, the instructor can easily control whose content is on show and position this content where they wish in the quad view.

Play, Pause, Stop

The simplicity of AirMedia is further realised with the Play, Pause and Stop functionality. On your AirMedia enabled device, clicking the Play button makes you the presenter, displaying whatever content you have on your screen. Once you have finished, clicking the Stop button will take your content off screen.

The Pause button, gives additional functionality and solves a common meeting room problem. When presenting, it is often the case you need to find some additional material related to your presentation. In this situation, pressing Pause freezes the image on screen, allowing you to look through confidential files or emails to find your material. Once found, simply press Play to continue your presentation.

Enterprise-wide deployment

Crestron enable you to deploy AirMedia across your organisation with the free enterprise PC application for Windows or Mac OS. Silently deploy the AirMedia app to employee desktops and enable them to connect to any approved AirMedia device with single click.

Remote viewing

Remote viewing adds more functionality to AirMedia, allowing meeting participants to view the presentation through their own browsers. Remote viewing mode displays the presentation as static images which can be refreshed manually or set to refresh automatically every few seconds. Furthermore, remote viewers can save presentation images to their device to review later on.

Connection methods

To accommodate all presentation environments, user types and IT requirements, AirMedia enables the presenter to connect in several different ways:

  • Installed application – This option offers the highest performance and involves installing a software application onto each presentation computer. Presenters can then scan for AirMedia gateways, clearly identified by the room name or another familiar term. With the installed application, organisations can manage user rights and assign PIN codes to each AirMedia gateway.
  • Web browser – Ideal for guest presenters, using a web browser requires no pre-installation. By following instructions on the meeting room display, presenters can connect to the web address of the local AirMedia gateway and share content with the team. Additional functionality enables the presenter to install AirMedia’s utility software, allowing them to connect directly to that gateway in the future without using the web browser.
  • USB thumb drive – This offers an alternative to connecting via a web browser. Instead, the utility software is loaded onto a USB thumb drive which plugs into the presenter’s computer and allows them to share content.

System integration

As with all Crestron solutions, AirMedia isn’t restricted to small single-display applications. It can be used alongside other AV systems such as Crestron RL 2 to provide a wireless content sharing option. AirMedia can be integrated and controlled as part of a complete Crestron control system using a touch screen, wireless remote, or mobile device.

Customisable welcome screen

Ensure meeting participants can maximise productivity by providing a customisable home screen that welcomes meeting participants as they enter the room. Easy to follow instructions allow presenters to connect quickly and the ability to add the room name and company logo further reinforces your organisation’s brand.


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Crestron AirMedia AM-101

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